Unequalled performance with Brookhaven’s new dual mode correlator

Brookhaven Instruments’ new, compact BI-9010AT correlator card provides research and industrial laboratories with a cutting edge tool for collecting dynamic light scattering data for particle sizing and static light scattering data for molecular weight determination. It is also an excellent choice for studying gels, glass transitions, concentrated polymer solutions and colloidal suspensions. This universal, dual-mode correlator can collect two independent functions simultaneously and both autocorrelation and cross correlation measurements are possible, even though it uses only one twentieth of the power of the original correlator. The BI-9010AT is easily interchangeable with existing cards and is fully compatible with all of Brookhaven’s hardware and software.

“This new correlator is designed to automatically adapt to ISA and PCI bus computers and can be used with a wide range of light scattering instruments, such as Brookhaven’s 90Plus particle size analyzer and its ZetaPALS, an instrument for the determination of zeta potential, multi-angle goniometer, and high concentration FOQELS.” explained Lily Zu, Senior Engineer at Brookhaven Instruments Corporation. “Our customers are really keen to try out this new technology because there is nothing else comparable on the market.”

The card has a new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) where all the circuits are embedded into an extremely high density chip which is fully in-system reprogrammable so that new features can easily be added to the card.

The BI-9010AT represents Brookhaven’s latest innovation in its long-standing history of providing customers with tools at the forefront of technology for particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight measurement.

Applications: DLS
Instruments: TurboCorr