Small Volume Particle Size Analysis From Brookhaven Instruments

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: Low Volume
Instruments: BI-SM50NanoBrook Series

Precious samples for particle size analysis need no longer be wasted with the launch of a new small volume cell by, Brookhaven Instruments. Developed for the Brookaven Instruments 90Plus submicron particle size analyzer, this cell requires only 150 microliters (or less) of sample material, usually 2 – 3 mL of suspension are needed to make measurements. The small volume cell is particularly relevant for pharmaceutical research involving peptides, proteins and DNA, where often only very small amounts of sample are availabe.

The new cell joins the family of cells that Brookhaven Instruments has developed for use with its light scattering systems. Low cost disposable cells are usually used as they eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between samples. Acrylic squares are available for aqueous and simple alcohol suspensions, and round glass cells with re-useable Teflon stoppers for aggressive solvent suspensions. Other options include square glass and quartz cells.

For more than twnety years Brookhaven Instruments has pioneered the design and manufacture of particle characterization instrumentation. Based on principles of dynamic light scattering, the 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer is designed for fast, routine, submicron measurements.

The 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer has a built-in PC with Windows based software and can handle virtually any type of submicron sample suspended or dissolved in liquid. Applications of the 90Plus include polymer latexes, oil/water emulsions, paints and pigments, inks and toners, and cosmetic formulations.