Research on TB Vaccine breakthrough used Brookhaven’s NanoBrook ZetaPlus

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: BiopharmaZeta
Instruments: NanoBrook Series
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BMC Immunology, an open access journal, published a study entitled “Evaluation Of Specific Humoral Immune Response And Cross Reactivity Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigens Induced In Mice Immunized With Liposomes Composed Of Total Lipids Extracted From Mycobacterium Smegmatis”. Maria De los Angeles Garcia and her colleagues aimed to demonstrate the potential of a liposome formulation composed of total lipid extract from Mycobacterium smegmatis (Ms) as a possible Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine candidate.

With Brookhaven’s NanoBrook ZetaPlus, a dynamic light scattering technique was used to determine the size of the vesicles obtained from the total lipid extraction from Ms. Data gathered from this study provided some evidence for the use of liposomes containing total lipid extracts of Ms as a new and improved TB vaccine.

Further improvement of the TB vaccines we have today through various studies and research has become one of the main objectives of the scientific community. Reliable and accurate analytical equipment is a vital factor in conducting such studies. Brookhaven Instruments is a trusted company that designs, manufactures and sells quality analytical instruments used in research, development, process and quality control. Brookhaven Instruments’ NanoBrook ZetaPlus is the simplest and most accurate particle electrophoresis system available. The NanoBrook ZetaPlus is easy-to-use, intuitive to operate, yet offers flexibility and a full range of means for those who wish to adjust their experiments to specific circumstances.