Nov 6, 2019
Applications: BiopharmaDNADrug Delivery
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

A research group in the Chemical Engineering Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA has recently chosen the NanoBrook ZetaPALS zeta potential analyzer from Brookhaven to replace an older Brookhaven Instruments particle-sizing instrument. The lab studies problems associated with the controlled release of pharmaceuticals, and uses the ZetaPALS zeta potential analyzer to measure both particle size and zeta potential.

Dr. David Lynn is a postdoctoral fellow in the group. He said: “We use the instrument to characterize a wide variety of particles, ranging from polymer/DNA complexes to micelles and polymer-based microparticles and nanoparticles for drug delivery.

“After investigating several competing systems, we concluded that the ZetaPALS could determine zeta potentials without compromising the accuracy of particle sizing. This was very important to use since we were replacing and upgrading from an older particle-sizing instrument. The ZetaPALS was also unique in being suitable for the wide range of experimental conditions likely to be encountered in our lab. For example, only the ZetaPALS would enable us to make accurate measurements in the “high salt” conditions typical of some biological buffers as well as in organic solvents. Given the range of applications in our lab, this was also very important to us.”

“The ZetaPALS is very easy to use, and its straightforward design and modern software interfaces have significantly improved the speed at which we conduct our research,” Dr. Lynn continued.

“We had an existing relationship with Brookhaven and had received good support from them in the past. They were very helpful and understanding during our decision process, and analyzed some fo our own samples so that we could compare data from the ZetaPALS with that from competing systems. The service and support has been excellent and consistent from our first information-gathering phone calls to the onsite setup and training sessions. Brookhaven’s technical team continues to be helpful and knowledgeable in response to our technical support questions and queries about theory or interpreting data.”

Dr. Lynn concluded: “We are very satisfied with Brookhaven’s service and support.”