Manchester Materials Science Research

The Manchester Materials Science Center at the University of Manchester and UMIST are conducting leading-edge polymer science research using a BI-9000AT light scattering correlator and BI-DCP Disc Centrifuge, both from Brookhaven Instruments Ltd. Peter Lovell, Professor of Polymer Science, acted on recommendations from people already using the equipment. “The good service and back up offered was a further incentive to buy from Brookhaven,” said Professor Lovell.

“We bought the BI-9000AT Correlator some time ago to replace an older, simpler photon correlation spectrometer and the disc centrifuge a few years later to complement it. The instruments are particle characterization tools that support my research group and the high quality results we obtain have enhanced our research effort and capability. The BI-DCP provides extra information on particle size distributions, especially when the distribution is broad and extends into sizes about 1 micron.”

Professor Lovell, continued, “The reliability of the instrument is an important factor when you consider the under financed climate academics have worked in over the past decade. I believe that of all the instrument companies I deal with, Brookhaven provides the best back up advice and service around – it really is excellent and second to none. When you take into account the fact that its instruments are excellent too, this makes for a very compelling package.”

Applications: Polymers
Instruments: TurboCorr
Posted on: Nov 7, 2019