Introducing the Sample Filtration System

The sample filtration system from Brookhaven Instruments, the BI-SFS, is a fast and convenient method of cleaning all light scattering samples. Using Teflon tubing and non-reactive components, the system is compatible with almost all filtration needs. Its modular design allows users to change pump heads and speeds to tackle virtually any application.

Dust in samples is the most common error found in light scattering measurements. It limits reproducibility and even generates systematic errors. However, the BI-SFS system cleans samples in as little as three minutes. For aqueous-based samples that are difficult to clean, this makes sample preparation an easy process.

When combined with the dust cut-off feature of Brookhaven’s new Windows™ BI-DLSW dynamic light scattering software, almost any sample appropriate for light scattering can be measured accurately.

An adjustable clamp allows use of a wide range of sizes, types and quantities of disposable filters. Depending on the application and the solvent, a single disposable filter can be used and re-used for filtering samples, thereby reducing the cost per sample. For faster filtration applications or exceedingly dusty samples, a series of filters can be used. Each system comes with one box of 0.2 micron filters suitable for use with aqueous-based samples. Other filters are also available for non-aqueous samples.

Brookhaven Instruments is committed to a policy of continued improvement to its products and services, and is happy to help users select the best system to fit specific filtration applications.

Applications: Sample Prep
Instruments: BI-SFS