Eindhoven University of Technology Uses Brookhaven’s BI-DCP on Research

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: NanoParticles
Instruments: BI-DCP
image of particles

Eindhoven University of Technology’s Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry presented a study entitled “Polybutadiene latex particle size distribution analysis utilizing a disk centrifuge.” They discussed Polybutadiene latexes made in emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization of both unimodal and bimodal particles size distributions, which were analyzed through the line-start (LIST) method using a Brookhaven Disk Centrifuge Photosedimentometer (DCP).

Results of the study showed how the disc centrifuge method was capable of determining the particle size distribution (PSD) and average particle size of Polybutadiene (PB) latexes like a colloid of lower density than its original suspending medium. Notably, analysis time of disc centrifuge measurement, which also included the preparation of the samples, was considerably lower compared to other techniques.

The study is just one example of how Brookhaven Instrument’s line of accurate and state-of-the-art equipment proves useful for researchers and scientists specializing in various fields. BI-DCP, a digitally controlled, high resolution, particle size distribution analyzer is among Brookhaven Instruments’ specialized equipment.