Disk Centrifuge with Biopolymers for Particle Sizing

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: Polymers
Instruments: BI-DCP

The Research and Development department of Biocompatibles Ltd. in Farnham, Surrey, bought a BI-DCP Disc Centrigue from Brookhaven Instruments Ltd. to collect vital information needed to develop a new specialist material. Biocompatibles develops synthetic materials that mimic a cell’s biology in order to improve the biocompatibility of medical devices. Dr. Andy Lewis, Research and Technology Director said, “The synthetic materials we develop are polymeric in nature, so it is important to have information an their particle size and distribution.”

“When we decided to buy a particle sizer, I consulted our team of researchers who have worked with particle sizing instruments before and knew exactly what they were looking for. The team had previous experience of both Brookhaven and competitive systems and the Brookhaven BI-DCP was the overall instrument of choice.

“The BI-DCP was bought to develop a specific type of material we were interested in and is used almost exclusively for this project. It has helped us to collect the necessary information on particle size and distribution that we needed. We haven’t been disappointed in any way, the quality of the data obtained is better than from competitive systems. The BI-DCP gives good, reliable particle size information and the right graphic output for the application it was bought for,” Andy concluded.