Combining Particle Size and Zeta Potential Information

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: BiopharmaDLSFoodSciNanoParticlesZeta
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Brookhaven Instruments’ NanoBrook Omni has been specially designed to determine the zeta potential (ζ) of particles and droplets in liquid suspension. It is a vital instrument for research in industries such as biopharma, cosmetics, pigments, agrochemicals and food science, combining ease-of-use with value for money.

Unlike other instruments, the NanoBrook Omni gets around the problem of electroosmosis, making it much simpler to use. You do not have to adjust the optical alignments before taking measurements and you can use low-cost disposable sample cells instead of the complex, delicate cells normally required.

Our software makes the NanoBrook an ideal instrument for limitless applications. You can plot zeta potential against any defined parameter, for example additive concentration or pH, and choose between single or automatically repeated measurements.

Submicron particle size distribution analysis is available as an option, allowing complete characterization of colloidal systems to monitor and control such properties as dispersion, flocculation and stability.