Chromatography and Latex Particles; Dionex Corp.

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: Colloids
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Dionex Corporation in California, USA, has recently replaced an old BI-90 Particle Size Analyzer from Brookhaven Instruments with a new 90Plus with the ZetaPALS option.

After 18 years continuous service from the old instruments, Charanjit Saini, a graduate polymer chemist in the Polymer Chemistry Department, explained why she opted for Brookhaven Instruments again, “We have have good experiences with our old analyzer and the data collected on the new Brookhaven Instruments system correlated well with data obtained on the BI-90.”

Dionex Corproation specializes in developing chromatographic and other extraction systems for identifying components of chemical mixtures. Ms. Saini’s department makes chromatogrpahic stationary phases and they use the 90Plus during the latex formulation and production phases. The main use of this instrument is to measure particle size and polydispersity of latexes. So far they have not used the ZetaPALS option on the 90Plus to do zeta potential measurements.

Ms. Saini is enthusiastic about the new 90Plus from Brookhaven Instruments. She continued, “The instrument definitely works better than the old BI-90. We can now use much less sample for the analysis, and the optics of the 90Plus give better results. Software features on the instrument make it more convenient to make multiple readings on a sample.

“We have had excellent service and support from Brookhaven Instruments,” Ms. Saini concluded.