Feb 8, 2023

What Is Particle Size Distribution Weighting? How to Get Fooled About What Was Measured & What it Means

Introduction Some particle size instruments determine size for individual particles. They are single particle counters. Some instruments determine surface area as a function of particle size. Some instruments determine mass or volume vs size. And some instruments determine various functions of scattered light intensity as a function of size. All can produce particle size distributions. […]

Sep 21, 2021

Interview with Dr. Bruce Weiner

Brookhaven Instruments Corporation has been pioneering advancements in particle characterization instrumentation for 40 years. To celebrate this milestone we spoke to one of Brookhaven’s founders, Dr. Bruce Weiner, about the company’s inception and earlier years. Can you name a few scientists that have inspired you in your life or career? “Let’s start with Prof. Carl […]