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Research on English Ivy Nanoparticles Uses Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Goniometer

A feature in Nano Express entitled, “Ultraviolet Extinction and Visible Transparency by Ivy Nanoparticles” investigated the optical absorption and scattering properties of nanoparticles secreted by English ivy with the help of Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Goniometer. Quanshui Li, Lijin Xia and Zhili Zhang and Mingjun Zhang through this research, explored the diverse properties and potential applications of […]

Applications: NanoParticles
Instruments: BI-200SM

Research on TB Vaccine breakthrough used Brookhaven’s NanoBrook ZetaPlus

BMC Immunology, an open access journal, published a study entitled “Evaluation Of Specific Humoral Immune Response And Cross Reactivity Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigens Induced In Mice Immunized With Liposomes Composed Of Total Lipids Extracted From Mycobacterium Smegmatis”. Maria De los Angeles Garcia and her colleagues aimed to demonstrate the potential of a liposome formulation composed […]

Applications: BiopharmaZeta
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer Used in Silver Nanoparticles Characterization

The Indian Academy of Sciences’ National Chemical Laboratory conducted a study entitled, “Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Sophorolipids: Effect of Temperature and Sophorolipid Structure on the Size of Particles”. Researchers used Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer to determine Dynamic Light Scattering measurements in characterizing silver nanoparticles including its ligand shell. This specific technique was […]

Applications: NanoParticles
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Preparing Precise Polymer Solutions

Polymer solutions must be prepared with care. Special effort should be expended to ensure complete, homogeneous dissolution. The best method of obtaining correct concentrations is weighing the polymer and using volumetric flasks for solution volume. The second choice is weighing the polymer, then weighing the solution and using the density of solvent as an approximation […]

Applications: Polymers
Instruments: BI-200SMBI-MwA

Brookhaven Instruments Chosen for Characterization of Colloidal Systems

“Brookhaven Instruments’ BI-200SM Research Goniometer and Light Scattering System is critical for the characterization of colloidal systems,” said John C. Berg, Rehnberg Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Engineering Centre for Surfaces, Polymers and Colloids at the University of Washington. “We use the instrument to determine the size of dispersed particles and lipid […]

Applications: Colloids
Instruments: BI-200SM

Colloidal Stability in Aqueous Suspensions

Why too much dispersant causes problems. Abstract Zeta potential in aqueous suspensions is a function of two variables: charge at the shear plane and free salt ion concentration. [Free here means not attached to the particle surface.] If a dispersant is added to increase the surface charge density (increase stability) and it’s too concentrated, the […]

Applications: ColloidsFormulations
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Brookhaven Instruments BI-9000AT Correlator Assists UK Universities with SQELS Biopolymer Research

The Brookhaven Instruments BI-9000AT Correlator is proving very useful for many research applications and has become popular with several leading university departments in the UK. This popularity stems not only from the instrument’s performance, but also from the responsive service of the Brookhaven Instruments support team. A leading UK university and long-standing client of Brookhaven […]

Applications: BiomaterialsPolymers
Instruments: TurboCorr

BI-870 Used in Selenide Characterization

The Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry, featured a study entitled, “Polarity and Vibrational Spectra of Bis (2-phenylethyl) – and Bis (2-phenylpropyl) phosphine Selenides”. The study used Brookhaven’s BI-870 Dielectric Constant Meter to measure the solution’s Dieletric permittivities of bis(2-phenylethyl)-phosphine selenide (I) and bis(2-phenylpropyl)phosphine selenide (II) in benzene and dioxane. This study illustrated the dipole moments […]

Applications: Materials
Instruments: BI-870

Brookhaven Instruments Molecular Weight Analyzer

Brookhaven Instruments’ BI-MwA Molecular Weight Analyzer can be used for characterizing dilute polymer solutions by static light scattering (SLS). This small and rugged instrument employs fiber optic technology to provide simultaneous data collection at seven different angles to the incident laser beam. The BI-MwA can be used in both batch and flow modes and has […]

Applications: ChromatographyMolecular WeightPolymersHPLCSECGPC
Instruments: BI-DNDCBI-MwA

Brookhaven Instruments Goniometer Helps Solve “Blue Waters” Mystery

A BI-200SM Research Goniometer with BI-9000AT Autocorrelator from Brookhaven Instruments has recently helped researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory* in New York solve the enigma of why aqueous molybdenum solutions are blue. Dr. Tianbo Liu in the Department of Physics explained, “Molybdenum and oxygen can combine to form a wide variety of structures and some […]

Applications: DLSPolymers
Instruments: BI-200SM