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Researchers Study Nanoparticles Using Brookhaven Instruments

The Journal of Electrical Engineering featured a study entitled “Determination of Particle Shape and Size Distribution of Model Types of Nanomaterials” conducted by Edita Bretšnajdrová, Ladislav Svoboda and Jiří Zelenka. Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer and XDC were both used in this study as to determine the parameters in preparing various nanomaterials used in […]

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Instruments: NanoBrook SeriesBI-XDC

Data analysis and distribution weighting: FAQ for DLS users

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is a popular technique for obtaining size distributions of dispersible colloidal particles as well as other nanomaterials. As with all other light scattering based techniques, the intensity of scattered light is strongly skewed towards larger particles, something that must be considered when analyzing samples with two or more major constituents.

Applications: DLS
Instruments: NanoBrook SeriesBI-200SM

NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer Used in Silver Nanoparticles Characterization

The Indian Academy of Sciences’ National Chemical Laboratory conducted a study entitled, “Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Sophorolipids: Effect of Temperature and Sophorolipid Structure on the Size of Particles”. Researchers used Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer to determine Dynamic Light Scattering measurements in characterizing silver nanoparticles including its ligand shell. This specific technique was […]

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Strain specificity in Antimicrobial Activity of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles

In the study entitled “Strain specificity in Antimicrobial Activity of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles,” four strains of Escherichia coli, three strains of each Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus Aureus were used to assess the antimicrobial properties of silver and copper nanoparticles. The Brookhaven BI-200SM Goniometer was used in particle size measurement of suspended nanoparticles via dynamic light scattering (DLS). Bacterial experiments […]

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