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Using Uncertainty Analysis to Optimize GPC System Performance (from Boston ACS meeting, 2010)

Introduction GPC when coupled with Static Light Scattering (SLS) is a fairly modern and powerful technique for determining absolute molecular weight values without the need to rely on traditional column calibration. In GPC-SLS the signal intensity levels rather than elution times are evaluated quantitatively. In addition, unlike in polymer standard calibration, details of the accurate […]

Applications: ChromatographyPolymers
Instruments: BI-DNDCBI-MwA

Research on TB Vaccine breakthrough used Brookhaven’s NanoBrook ZetaPlus

BMC Immunology, an open access journal, published a study entitled “Evaluation Of Specific Humoral Immune Response And Cross Reactivity Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigens Induced In Mice Immunized With Liposomes Composed Of Total Lipids Extracted From Mycobacterium Smegmatis”. Maria De los Angeles Garcia and her colleagues aimed to demonstrate the potential of a liposome formulation composed […]

Applications: BiopharmaZeta
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Research on Crassula argentea Used Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Goniometer

Plant Physiology published a research study entitled, “Malate-Induced Hysteresis of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase from Crassula Argentea”, conducted by Apinya Ngam-ek, Thomas Seery, Eric Amis and Sott Grover. Dynamic light scattering measurements performed with a Brookhaven BI-200SM Goniometer were used in this research to investigate the hysteric behavior of phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) carboxylase from Crassula argentea. Findings of […]

Applications: BiomaterialsDLS
Instruments: BI-200SM

BI-200SM Goniometer Used in Nanoparticle Dynamic Light Scattering

In the study entitled “Strain specificity in Antimicrobial Activity of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles,” four strains of Escherichia coli, three strains of each Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus Aureus were used to assess the antimicrobial properties of silver and copper nanoparticles. The Brookhaven BI-200SM Goniometer was used in particle size measurement of suspended nanoparticles via dynamic light scattering (DLS). Bacterial experiments […]

Applications: Emulsions
Instruments: BI-200SM

Zeta potential measurement of limestone in seawater by Phase Analysis Light Scattering

Abstract Measurements of limestone in 100% seawater (1.15M ionic strength), 50% seawater, and 25% seawater were conducted on the Brookhaven Instruments NanoBrook ZetaPALS. Below is the procedure for preparing these samples as well as the measurement parameters used in their analyses. Introduction Zeta Potential is relatively easy to measure in cases of high charge and […]

Applications: High SaltOil RecoveryPetrochemicals
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Colloidal Polymers

New and exciting applications are tantalizing goals for many researchers and, with uses ranging from new sensitive pregnancy testing kits to military camouflage, polymer chemistry has an intriguing future. The Sussex Polymer Group is based in the School of Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science at the University of Sussex. It has two full-time faculty members […]

Applications: ColloidsPolymers
Instruments: BI-DCP

Gene Delivery Research at CalTech

For the past four years, researchers in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology have been using a Brookhaven NanoBrook ZetaPALS instrument for their studies on non-viral gene delivery. Professor Mark Davis, Executive Officer of Chemical Engineering, explained: “We need an instrument that can determine the size and zeta potential of […]

Applications: BiopharmaSizingZeta
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Analyzer Studied at the Australian Ceramic Society

A study featured in the Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society dubbed “Assessment of Particle Sizing Methods Applied to Agglomerated Nanoscale Tin Oxide (SnO2)”, analyzed Tin Oxide using four different particle sizing techniques. Among the particle sizing instruments used was Brookhaven Instruments’ NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer. The NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer was one […]

Applications: CeramicsNanoParticles
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Analysis of Virus Particles in Media by Dynamic Light Scattering

Introduction Traditional visual methods of observing virus particles in solution give a snapshot of a very small sampling volume, while the technique of particle analysis using dynamic light scattering yields an ensemble average of particles present in the solutions. Virus particles incubated in the laboratory present a challenge, as they must be grown within cells […]

Applications: BiopharmaColloids
Instruments: NanoBrook Series
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