Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer Aids in Protein Stabilizing Research

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: BiomaterialsBiopharmaFormulations
Instruments: NanoBrook Series
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Nanoscale Research Letters, an open access journal published under SpringerOpen, presented a study entitled “Development Of Dextran Nanoparticles For Stabilizing Delicate Proteins”. In this study, a Brookhaven NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer was used to help develop a novel approach to stabilize and encapsulate proteins into dextran nanoparticles.

The process in conducting this research involved encapsulating the model proteins, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF), β-galactosidase, myoglobin (MYO), and bovine serum albumin (BSA) into the dextran nanoparticle by aqueous-aqueous freezing-induced phase separation without making contact with the aqueous/organic interface. The size distribution of dextran nanoparticles was measured using a photon correlation Spectrometer with Brookhaven’s NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer. Through this study, the proteins were successfully encapsulated into the dextran nanoparticle with spherical morphology, suitable particle size, and high encapsulation efficiency. Thus, developing an approach to prepare dextran nanoparticles in order to stabilize and encapsulate proteins.

Developing methods to stabilize proteins plays a vital role in virtual pharmaceutical science. Progress in molecular biology and genetic engineering led to a significant increase in the number of approved protein drugs for over 150 diseases. To ensure that scientific research studies and experiments are reliable, experts use only equipment that offers accuracy and precision. Brookhaven Instruments is a trusted company that designs, manufactures and sells quality analytical instruments used in research, development, process and quality control. Among Brookhaven Instruments’ featured products is the NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer