Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Aids in DNA-Modified Polymer Nanoparticle Research

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: NanoParticles
Instruments: BI-200SM
image of DNA

Sharan Srinivasan and Megan Boyle’s “Synthesis of Fluorescent DNA-Modified Polymer Nanoparticles for Use in a Highly Sensitive DNA Detection Assay,” research study was featured in Nanoscape. The study aimed to develop a highly synthesized methodology for the detection of low concentration of DNA. In order to facilitate this study, the researchers used Brookhaven’s BI-200SM fitted with BI-9000AT digital correlator to determine dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements of polymer nanoparticles (PNPs).

The study’s goal was to synthesize a nanoparticle possessing an intrinsically amplified signal that would allow for the elimination of modifications to enhance DNA detection. At the end of the study, the researchers were able to present a synthesized polymer probe that slowed for facile visualization through either electrochemistry of fluorescence.

An advanced technique like Dynamic Light Scattering Analysis is significant for researchers and scientists who study nanoparticles in various applications. Brookhaven Instruments offers products that are of high quality and easy to use including the BI-200SM, which can be used for both Static Light Scattering and Dynamic Light Scattering techniques.