Leading the Way in Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential Instrumentation

Brookhaven Instruments is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of light scattering instrumentation.
We offer multiple options to choose from including instruments for particle sizing, zeta potential, or combined versions that can do both.

DLS Particle Sizing Instruments

Brookhaven Instruments offers multiple instruments to measure particle size by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

DLS Particle Sizing Instruments
  • Available with up to 3 detection angles for forward (15o), side (90o), and backscatter (173o) angle detection
  • 40 mW solid-state laser at 640 nm
  • TurboCorr digital correlator that is 100% efficient, real-time operation over the full delay time range
  • Advanced control of the correlator layout
90 degree angle example

90o Side Scatter DLS

  • Traditional unbiased method
  • Particle sizes from 1 nm to 6 μm
  • 90Plus performs DLS measurements only at a 90o detection angle using an avalanche photo diode (APD)
173 degree angle graphic

173o Backscatter DLS

  • Optimized for smaller nanoparticles of < 50 nm
  • Ideal for proteins including IgG, mAbs, and peptides
  • 173Plus performs DLS measurements only at 173o detection angle using and avalanche photo diode (APD)

Zeta Potential Instruments

Brookhaven Instruments offers two methodologies to measure Zeta Potential.

  • Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS)
  • Phase Analysis Light Scattering (PALS)
Zeta Potential
Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS)
Zeta Potential Instruments

  • Zeta potential determined by measuring a frequency shift between reference and sample signals
  • Zeta potential measured with high accuracy in low-salt aqueous media
  • Ability to resolve simple multimodal distributions
  • Zeta Plus is an economical option to measure zeta potential using only ELS
Phase Analysis Light Scattering (PALS)
PALS Graph

  • Zeta potential determined by measuring a phase shift between reference and sample signals
  • For proteins, peptides, antibodies, nucleotides, and other biological samples
  • For particles with low mobilities caused by high salt, organic solvents, or viscous media
  • 1000x more sensitive than ELS
  • ZetaPALS offers both ELS and PALS technologies for measuring zeta potential

Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential Instrumentation

Brookhaven Instruments offers instrumentation that measures both DLS and zeta potential (ELS & PALS)

  • 15o forward scatter detector for zeta and DLS (useful for aggregates

Two models to choose from:

90Plus PALS – DLS can be measured at 15o or 90o and is economical for a 2 in 1 instrument

Omni – DLS can be measured at 15o, 90o, or 173o detection angles

Brookhaven NanoBrook

All NanoBrook instruments are supplied complete with particle solutions software, sample cuvettes, and reference material for performance verification.

For those models that can measure zeta potential, the BI-SREL solvent-resistant zeta potential electrode is also included.

We also offer on-site installation as well as IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation.