Brookhaven Instruments autotitrator, the BI-ZTU

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: TitrationsZeta
Instruments: BI-ZTUNanoBrook Series

The BI-ZTU is Brookhaven Instruments’ easy-to-use autotitrator which provides research and industrial laboratories with a tool to study the effect of pH or additive concentration on zeta potential (surface charge at the shear plane). This accessory for Brookhaven Instruments’ NanoBrook ZetaPlus or ZetaPALS zeta potential analyzers is an excellent choice for automatically determining the isoelectric point of colloids, proteins, and other materials. Measurements that formerly required a technician’s full attention for two hours can now be started before lunch and the results can be collected afterwards.

The autotitrator has four metering pumps for dispensing acids and bases. It also features a flow path designed to minimize plugging by colloidal particles, chemical resistant construction, and a fail-safe design. Finally, the unit uses USB communications and an on-board microprocessor unit to allow future improvements to the instrument performance.

The Brookhaven Instruments autotitrator is useful for a wide variety of applications. It was designed for rapid set up so that any bench chemist with experience running manual titrations will be able to readily adapt their workflow for use with the BI-ZTU. The titrator integrates seamlessly with the NanoBrook for both zeta potential (ζ) and particle sizing experiments (dh)

The BI-ZTU autotitrator is one of Brookhaven’s many innovation in its long-standing history of providing customers with tools at the forefront of technology for particle size (dh), zeta potential (ζ), and molecular weight (Mw) analysis.