Brookhaven Instruments Boosts Polymer Research in Cyprus

Researchers at the University of Cyprus are using a Brookhaven Instruments BI-MwA Molecular Weight Analyzer and 90Plus Particle Size Analyzer to investigate the properties and applications of functional amphiphilic block copolymers prepared using group transfer polymerization (GTP) chemistry. Associate Professor Costas S. Patrickios, from the Department of Chemistry, said: “These are the first light scattering instruments in the department and we use them for characterizing methacrylate polymers in water and organic solvents, measuring micellar hydrodynamic sizes and determining absolute molecular weights.”

By analyzing sets of block copolymers with differing molecular weights and compositions, the laboratory can determine accurate size/performance relationships and select the best polymer for a given application. The laboratory also investigates block copolymer-based networks and some of those it has developed are being examined as potential drug delivery systems. Methacrylates and acrylates are well known as some of the most versatile and functional building blocks of macromolecular chemistry.

Having used Brookhaven’s instruments during his Ph.D. in the USA, Professor Patrickios knew their capabilities. “We chose the BI-MwA because of Brookhaven’s good name and its competitive pricing,” concluded Professor Patrickios. “We have had excellent service from the team, and support and response times, especially by email, are very quick”

Applications: Polymers
Instruments: BI-MwA
Posted on: Nov 7, 2019