Brookhaven 90Plus supports vaccine characterization

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: BiopharmaDrug DeliveryZeta
Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Research scientists in the Canadian biotechnology company ID Biomedical are using two Brookhaven 90Plus particle size analyzers to provide critical data towards the characterization of the innovative FluINsureT nasal vaccine currently under development. Dr John Williams, Senior Scientist in the Department of Analytical Development explained: “It is vital to know the size of the component particles in our vaccines so that we can achieve a complete understanding of the product. Our function is to develop specific assays necessary for the monitoring of our manufacturing processes and the evaluation of our final product.”

“We purchased our first Brookhaven 90Plus instrument in 1999 and the second three months ago. We surveyed the instruments available to find the best value based on specificity, cost, operational ease of use and technical support. It has subsequently proved to be a sound choice since the instrument is robust, user friendly and exceedingly reliable. It continues to furnish us with data necessary for analytical and process development requirements.”

“Brookhaven has a first class technical support service; the application specialists are most accommodating and responsive. We are impressed and would recommend Brookhaven to fellow researchers.”