Molecular Weight Determination of Carbonic Anhydrase with the BI-MwA

by: John McConville, Ph.D. Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC/GPC) has been a useful technique for the determination of molecular weights of proteins. However, its usefulness is limited by the requirement for calibration of the SEC/GPC columns with standards comprising proteins of known molecular weight but which may not be of the same chemistry as the unknown protein. […]

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Instruments: BI-MwA

How Many Au Nanoparticles Does It Take to Circle the Earth?

Abstract Gold nanoparticles are used in a variety of applications, many pharmaceutical. The average size and the distribution play a crucial role in determining how well they work in a particular application. While TEM can show the shape of nanoparticles, it is not ideal for the statistical task of averaging the size and producing a […]

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Instruments: NanoBrook Series

BSA Monomer-Dimer Elucidation with the BI-MwA

Aggregation kills. Aggregated therapeutic proteins can provoke immune response and have reduced therapeutic effect. This has led to regulatory and industrial interest in identifying aggregates for elimination. Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC/GPC) has been a useful technique for the determination of molecular weights of proteins. However, its usefulness is limited by the requirement for calibration of the […]

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Instruments: BI-MwA

Analysis of Virus Particles in Media by Dynamic Light Scattering

Introduction Traditional visual methods of observing virus particles in solution give a snapshot of a very small sampling volume, while the technique of particle analysis using dynamic light scattering yields an ensemble average of particles present in the solutions. Virus particles incubated in the laboratory present a challenge, as they must be grown within cells […]

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Instruments: NanoBrook Series

Absolute Size Exclusion Chromatography of BSA

Abstract We present results from Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) measured in an analytical size exclusion chromatography (SEC) system including the Brookhaven BI-MwA static light scattering system. BSA is used ubiquitously as a test protein for concentration and for system calibration and testing. Typical results are presented. Introduction The extraction of insulin from blood plasma was […]

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The Measurement of Very Small Particles by Cross Correlation or Avalanche Photodiode Detectors

Walther W. Tcharnuter and Bruce. B. Weiner, Brookhaven Instruments Corporation, New York, USA (Note: this article by the founders of Brookhaven Instruments was originally published in the 1990s) The measurement of particle size using dynamic light scattering, also known as photon correlation spectroscopy, is well known. Scattered laser light is autocorrelated, fit either with cumulants […]

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Instruments: BI-200SMBI-APDx

Several Brookhaven Instruments Contribute in Cryptococcus Species Study

Several pieces of equipment from Brookhaven Instruments were used in a featured study in Open Access, entitled “Capsules From Pathogenic And Non-Pathogenic Cryptococcus Spp. Manifest Significant Differences In Structure And Ability To Protect Against Phagocytic Cells”. In this study, Glauber de S. Araujo and his colleagues aimed to identify differences within Cryptococcus species that provided […]

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Instruments: BI-DNDC

BI-870 Used in Selenide Characterization

The Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry, featured a study entitled, “Polarity and Vibrational Spectra of Bis (2-phenylethyl) – and Bis (2-phenylpropyl) phosphine Selenides”. The study used Brookhaven’s BI-870 Dielectric Constant Meter to measure the solution’s Dieletric permittivities of bis(2-phenylethyl)-phosphine selenide (I) and bis(2-phenylpropyl)phosphine selenide (II) in benzene and dioxane. This study illustrated the dipole moments […]

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Sizing up Dispersions

Products as diverse as cosmetics, paints and inks, and drugs and polymer latexes all depend upon the dispersion of particles in a liquid phase. To produce these colloidal dispersions accurately and ensure that they perform according to specification, particle size needs to be monitored during manufacturing and as part of quality control of the final […]

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Research on English Ivy Nanoparticles Uses Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Goniometer

A feature in Nano Express entitled, “Ultraviolet Extinction and Visible Transparency by Ivy Nanoparticles” investigated the optical absorption and scattering properties of nanoparticles secreted by English ivy with the help of Brookhaven’s BI-200SM Goniometer. Quanshui Li, Lijin Xia and Zhili Zhang and Mingjun Zhang through this research, explored the diverse properties and potential applications of […]

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