Behavior of Complex Solutions at Eastman Kodak

Nov 7, 2019
Applications: ChemistryColloidsComplex Fluids
Instruments: TurboCorr

Researchers at the Eastman Kodak Company’s Dispersion Technology Laboratory based in New York, have used equipment from Brookhaven Instruments for several years now, to look at the solution behavior of water-soluble polymers and gelatine.

Dr. Julia Tan explained some of the current applications of the Brookhaven equipment, which includes a BI-200SM goniometer and a TurboCorr digital autocorrelator: “We use the instruments purely for research purposes, for example when characterizing polymers in dilute aqueous solution to obtain molecular weight, second virial coefficient, the radius of gyration and aggregation coefficients. Another project investigates interactions between polymers, polymer-sufactants, and gelatin-polyelectrolyte complexes, as a function of solution condition and polymer structure. The instruments are also used to characterize particles and the adsorption of soluble polymers on particles.

“The Brookhaven equipment has some ideal features for our work including variable angles for static light scattering and a broad dynamic range of relaxation time for studying polymer dynamics. The fast data acquisition of the correlation functions and data analysis software are also very important to us.”

Dr. Tan concluded: “The support and assistance from our Brookhaven representatives has been extremely valuable and is greatly appreciated.”