Custom Applications

We’re happy to add features and capabilities to our standard line of instruments to meet your unique testing requirements.

Products Tailored to Your Needs

image of custom applicationsBrookhaven Instruments has a proud legacy of offering customers the option of adding on new features that do not come standard on either our Nanobrook or Goniometer instruments. These custom options are all designed and built in-house by our engineers and production technicians and go through the same rigorous quality testing as our standard instruments.

Typical custom options requested are:

  • Fluorescence cutoff filters
  • Other laser wavelengths beside 638 nm available
  • Adjustable laser power
  • Advanced LIMS support for specific user LIMS software
  • Multiple lasers
  • Additional angles beyond standard (15, 90, 173 degrees)
  • Custom sample cells outside of rectangular cuvettes

Latest customization options include:

  • 2D Cross-Corr
  • Digital microscope camera alignment tool
  • Multiple laser configurations (up to 3)

Please contact us or call us at (631) 758-3200 to discuss your customization needs for your Nanobrook or Goniometer instruments.

Let us help you build the perfect testing system

Our products are built on a flexible platform and can be customized with a wide variety of additional features and options