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PEGSDetermination of Particle Size
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CatalogueNew Instrument, MicroBrook 2000LD
New instrument for broad range particle size.

New Particle Solutions version 3.0!

New protein and polymer calculator.

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New NanoBrook Series!

Brookhaven is proud to announce its newest addition: the NanoBrook series, featuring the NanoBrook Omni. Now with backscattering for proteins, peptides, mAb, RNA and other biological samples.

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New gold nanoparticles app note!

How Many Au Nanoparticles Does It Take to Circle the Earth?

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New BSA app note!

Absolute Size Exclusion Chromatography of BSA

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Learn how Brookhaven can assist in material characterization and training courses.

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New broad range particle sizer, the MicroBrook 2000LD

MicroBrook 2000LD broad range particle sizer


  • • Wet & dry samples
  • • Combines laser diffraction & high angle detection
  • • Broad size range: 20 nm to 2,000 microns
  • • Automated fill, dispersion, measurement & cleaning
  • • Unique dual angular range detection


The MicroBrook 2000LD utilizes a unique single-beam, dual-lens system that receives all the scattered signals emitted from particles in the nanometer to millimeter size range. Employing the highest quality lenses results in high resolution imaging of the diffracted and scattered light with low distortion, ensuring that the instrument will receive all signals – even weak signals at high angles from scattering of the smallest particles.


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Introducing the NanoBrook Omni

NanoBrook Omni
Quick Look:


  • • For proteins, peptides, mAb, RNA and other biological samples
  • • 1,000 times more sensitive than other zeta potential techniques
  • • Multimodal & unimodal size distribution software
  • • ISO 13321 and ISO 22412 compliant results
  • • Three measurement angles: 15°, 90°, and 173°



The NanoBrook Omni combines state of the art technology from Brookhaven's particle/protein sizers and zeta potential analyzers in to one powerful and accurate instrument. For particle sizing, it employs a backscattering angle of 173° and the well-established 90° and 15° angles. The zeta potential measurement uses Brookhaven's respected PALS and the classic electrophoresis capabilities. Measure your samples in nearly every possible suspension environment from high salts such as PBS and sea water to organic solvents and of course aqueous solutions!

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